Receive an email every time your web form is submitted, serverless.

No back end needed for your contact form or landing page,
no script, no email API subscription.

300 free submissions,
no credit card required either.

Pay for more only if needed.

1.Set up a form on your website:

You can include any input type you want, except file.
For example, a contact form with the fields email, name and message:

<label>Email address:
<input type="email" name="email" required />
<input type="text" name="name" required />
<textarea name="message" required></textarea>

Define a form-to-email template:

You can use any field included in the form:


Reply To: {{email}}

Subject: 👋 {{name}} wants to get in touch


{{name}} has a message for you:


3.Let us do the rest.

Every time a user submits the form, form-to-email will send the email to you (or your client).
You will also have a tabular view of all data submitted through the form.
This data will remain confidential and not shared to any third party.

Get startedno credit card asked